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The Power Community Experience
$4,000 until Feb 1, $4,500 thereafter
Start date to be agreed upon by the group once there are a minimum of six participants.

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I’m launching a new variation of coaching and growth for people who seek an intense, shorter-term opportunity to grow dramatically. It will combine group and personal advisory help, and will mix several opportunities for self-development.

The time frame is 60 days, and during it:

  • There will be a 90-minute call weekly on Zoom, set up for maximum convenience of all group members, which will be recorded and circulated. During these sessions I will provide my ideas about growth within the actuality of current events and trends, and will assist individuals who volunteer to offer issues and/or engage in role play.
  • I’ll conduct two 90-minute livestream sessions on topics I think are important and the group can use (or even vote on). Right now, for example, I’m receiving a lot of requests for A) How to create, market, and run a highly profitable workshop, real or virtual; and B) How to write more rapidly and with greater expression and impact.
  • You can send me unlimited email during the 60 days on any topic, personal or professional.
  • I’ll provide a copy of Alan Weiss on Consulting for each member (or any other book of your choice).
  • Each member will have a choice of a free participation in any of my one-day real or virtual workshops.

There is no need to renew but I will entertain renewals and even changes in the group if you prefer to continue the experience.

The fee is $4,500. All of my cards are welcome.
If you sign up prior to February 1, the fee is $4,000.
Minimum group size will be six, maximum 12.

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