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Jersey Shore V

Jersey Shore V

Big dolphin day, some about 20 yards from the beach, others gamboling behind a cigarette boat, leaping like, well, dolphins.

Tonight we head for the Wildwood boardwalk, see how many rides the girls will attempt, how many games of chance I will lose at. It’s not the same since they did away with the Whack-A-Mole machine.

Love getting up early, going for coffee, writing, being among the very first on the beach.

Ironically, Apple is now trying to deliver my new iPhone, and they’re telling me that FedEx will only give it two more tries! I told my house sitters to be on the lookout for the FedEx truck and to send Koufax after it. They might just waive the signature requirement!

Cape May early in the morning. Alaina and Gabrielle camped out. Maria’s personal sea gull:

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