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Jonathan Vilma Watch Your Language

Jonathan Vilma watch your language

Jonathan Vilma Watch Your Language

Jonathan Vilma was a star NFL player and is a very good sports commentator. But doesn’t he have anyone bold enough to correct his errors and give him some advice so he doesn’t sound so foolish?

During a recent broadcast he consistently said, “Him and me go back a ways….” or “Him and the team reached an agreement….”

Stuff like that.

Wouldn’t a director or producer or an agent or a manager say to him, “You’re a role model with a brilliant future, but you need to use the language correctly”?

Of course, during a pre-game show former quarterback Michael Vick actually said, “He should have brung it with him.” Tony Romo consistently confuses tenses, such as, “He should have ran with the ball.” These guys could remember complicated play sequences but can’t remember how to use the language?

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