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London Again V

London Again V

Concluded the Mentor Summit yesterday, worked on strategy with the Baglioni top management group, and dined last night at the outstanding Scott’s in Mayfair, with Stuart Cross and I hosted by Chad Barr.

Heading home today after some morning meetings. It’s interesting that London television news in the morning seems intent on scaring viewers to death: disease, strikes, conflict, accidents, scandals—a litany of horrors, all overplayed for the sake of trying to impress, I guess. It’s delivered with a studied monotone, inevitably by two people, where the one not speaking looks studiously bored.

While I was here, Prince Charles and Camilla were shown doing weather reports on TV, with the Prince focusing on weather over his castles. Sometimes I feel as if I don’t understand the language.

The hotel Internet connection, which is free, is also spotty, so I used my iPhone as a “hot spot” and that works perfectly. The Baglioni remains the finest boutique hotel in London, not to be missed.

Most lasting sentiment from a week in London: The diversity of my global community participants from so many different countries and languages, commonly seeking approaches to acquire and improve client relationships, a universal pursuit. In my earlier report, I think I omitted Japan and Israel, both represented here, as well.

I’m headed for the world-class Virgin Atlantic Upperclass lounge at heathrow, then on to Boston.

Just some of he dining "tools" provided at Scott's for the variety of seafood.

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