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London Journal: February 21-22

London Journal: February 21-22

February 21


Fabulous dinner last night, Cold North martini followed by prosciutto and mozzarella, then Dover sole, accompanied by a nice Amarone. Libby buys a great dinner! (I’m told that the actor Liam Neeson is staying in the suite next to mine.)


Eight countries represented amongst our 42 participants today at the Institute of Directors, wonderful participation and a rewarded though exhausting day.


A great day at The Strategist, then a drive to the East End to host the North American contingent for drinks at Lounge Lover and dinner in Les Trois Garcon’s wine celler next to a window overlooking the kitchen. Eleven of us living the good life. Lounge Lover resembles what you see after you’ve had three martinis and knocked your head on a wall. It’ sort of an ongoing hallucination. Les Trois Garcons is decorated to within an inch of its life but some how works, including the stuffed tiger with the toy monkey on its head.


This is an exquisite restaurant with fine French food and a solid wine list exemplified by our fine Montrechet.


The hotel’s driver, with the Maserati Quadreporte, drove over and back for me.


February 22


Finished up the program this morning, then an optional afternoon session just doing questions and answers for three hours in an informal setting. Dinner locally and head home tomorrow, apparently into a lot of snow.


There is more than moderate interest in the US election campaign here, since former PM Tony Blair is often accused of a slavish following of George Bush. I also learned that only recently did Britain make the final, planned payments for the WWII debt owed the US. I was shocked at that information, and it strikes me as a particularly onerous repayment demand honorably discharged.


The sun is setting, and I’m typing this looking out the balcony at that section of fence I had jumped over….

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