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London Redux II

London Redux II

We’ve been to Les Trois Garcons, Greens, and tonight, Scott’s, one of the finest restaurants I’ve even been in. Spectacular service (the bartender allowed me tastings of two vodkas) and fish so good that it made me weep. Octopus carpaccio, smoked haddock, and for dessert, anchovies on toast! Six of us enjoying a rare meal with one of the finest Montrechets around, a Batard 2003. Martinis and two bottles later, we headed for The Strand.

We couldn’t get into the cigar garden of the Lainesborough Hotel because it was packed last night, so we settled for drinks in the upstairs bar. But tonight we saw Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at The Palace, which was drop dead hysterical.

The follow-up day for my Shameless Promotion grads was superb after two days of Mentor Mastery training. Tomorrow is allocated to sightseeing and buying things. My wife has already scoped out a $400,000 Bentley Arnage. Fortunately, the wheel was on the “wrong” side.

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