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Nantucket Confidential VI: Escape

Nantucket Confidential VI: Escape

We’ve been facing Hurricane Bill 150 miles to the east, and a line of storms west of Boston. Nantucket was beautiful—a few very temporary showers—but there was a chance our 9 pm ferry, the last one of the day, would be cancelled due to high seas. (They tend to cancel, we learned, at 22-foot seas. So would I.)

That bumps you pretty badly, since you then have to wait for available space, and these ferries are packed. (There were 85 cars on the standby list just today). The Wauwinet promised us space if we had to return, so we went into town, to church, and to dinner as always. Then to the ferry dock, where things were comfortingly normal. I’m writing this on our way across Nantucket Sound heading for Hyannis. We’ll dock at 11:30 and probably be welcomed by Koufax and Buddy about 1 am.

We had dinner at the Club Car, which is simply spectacular, one of the THE finest restaurants in Massachusetts, never mind Nantucket. It has an extensive list of half-bottles of wine, which include Opus, Stags Leap (which I couldn’t resist), Caymus, etc. You don’t normally see that. I had a wonderful, spicy octopus dish, we split a beet salad, and then each had extraordinary soft shell crabs.

Maria’s birthday, the twins’ first birthday, and their Christening all coming up to be celebrated together in September. Be sure to watch my September Writing on the Wall, Episode 36, where the twins make their production debut, we use high def, a new car, a new opening, and Koufax continues his career.

I’m watching the Little League World Series on the ferry, and heading for my traditional homeward bound hot dog. My best from the high seas.

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