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The City

The City

I love it when people in Rhode Island say, “I’m going in to the city,” meaning Providence. There is only one The City, and it’s New York.

The Acela yesterday was smack on time, first class only half-filled, which is the best ratio. Limo to the Hotel Greenwich, way downtown, with a fabulous suite with river view. There’s an open air atrium for breakfast and cocktails. It’s just a fabulous property with magnificent service, and a fireplace in the room. Then back by limo to La Messaria on West 48th (no relation to prior post, of course), for a wonderful dinner with a 1990 Piedmonte wine, which is the region of half my wife’s ancestry, Piemontase food being the best in the world, for my money. It took 45 minutes to get back downtown because of the UN meetings, with very few cabs on the West Side, (Carey Limo had no limos in Manhattan for hire between 2 pm and 9 pm.) So we headed for the W Hotel, and had the doorman find one. The Lincoln and Holland Tunnels had traffic backed up for a mile, unmoving at 8 in the evening. Isn’t commuting wonderful?!

Today: Breakfast al fresco, teleconference at noon, shopping, massage, Grand Havana Room with a new mentoree, dinner at Lattanzi (no relation to prior post, of course), then house seats for A Steady Rain.

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  • Jason Burke

    September 25, 2009

    In a post that otherwise leaves little to chance, I managed to finally disagree with one of Alan’s points, as my college days were filled with trips to “The City”…of San Francisco. The oversight is, however, excusable.

  • Alan Weiss

    September 26, 2009

    I lived in the Bay Area for two years. Great place. No Broadway. City by the Bay, good. The City? Sorry.

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