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The Worst Hotel in Recent Memory

The Worst Hotel in Recent Memory

I haven’t stayed in Marriotts for years, but I’m in Miami staying in one of the worst Marriotts I’ve ever experienced, and probably one of the worst hotels, at least in the US. Desk clerks chat idly with people while they ignore the lines in front of them. The only restaurant open for breakfast and lunch is Mexican. The TV in the bedroom clearly broke and was replaced with a much smaller one on the wall where you can see parts of the hole in the wall from the prior one, and wires dangle down several feet. When we first arrived, an employee approached us with ostensibly free offers but really was trying to sell time-shares.

At breakfast I asked if the croissants were fresh. “Yes,” she assured me, we got them two days ago and keep them in the freezer.” A bagel came, then sausages, and finally eggs, as if in a parade. When I noted there was no spoon for the coffee I was given a soup spoon. (I am NOT making this up.) The butter was from a glacier, rock hard, and when I pointed this out she “warmed it up” and came back with two liquid pools encased in the wrapper. When I used the salt, the top came off and produced a small hill of salt on the table, thankfully not ruining the liquid butter.

I’m here for a meeting, couldn’t avoid it, and I’ll be out of here soon and over to Delray. But here’s a story I can use forever: When we stopped for lunch while waiting for our room (which was “expedited” but not ready until 4pm anyway) the guy at the host station immediately said, “The wait for food is 45 minutes.”


“Because we’re busy” (he’s exasperated at this point).

“Aren’t you prepared to be busy at lunch, isn’t that the point?”

He walks away. Fortunately, a block away are two of the best restaurants in town, Prime Italian and Prime Steaks. I had a martini with lunch.

I can give you the initials of the hotel so that you can avoid it at all costs: The Marriott Stanton. I know, I’m spoiled, right? And I am, I expect polite, timely service, decent food, and a room that’s clean and in good repair.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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