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To Monte Carlo

To Monte Carlo

The car picked us up at 3:30 and at 4:40 we were in Logan Airport, with our bags being checked through to Nice via London. (A far cry from my morning drive to the Harvard Club last week that took almost two hours in rush hour traffic.) TSA has a first class line, but even it was fouled up by the routine inefficiencies of believing everyone is a criminal until proved otherwise. A TSA woman came along screaming to move the lines forward, which were stopped because the conveyors were stopped while 42 people tried to figure out if something in the luggage were radioactive or an alien artifact. (Last week a woman travelled undetected with a loaded handgun in her carry-on until she turned herself in when she realized the error.)

My wife’s new knee caused the machines to go “tilt” and she required a pat-down which had a nice flavor of San Quentin. Finally, honest citizens once again, we hit the Virgin Airways lounge, which is an oasis in the nutty international terminal in Boston.

Our plan is to heat heartily in the club, ignore the first class dinner on board, and go to sleep quickly since the flight is little more than 5.5 hours overnight.

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