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August 2008

(Click on image to enlarge) The most recent class of Speaking with Alan, the most intense program available for creating, practicing, and marketing a speech. The 2.5-day workshop is held at Alan’s home, and includes fine dining every night. Left to right:

This is not a political endorsement or even comment, but simply the observation of a consultant and coach on the selection process. If Senator Hillary Clinton received 49% of the Democratic primary vote, and is given great prominence at the convention,

Permit me to draw your attention to three important offerings coming up: NEW: SELF-ESTEEM WORKSHOP December 2-3, Providence, RI (The Crowne Plaza Hotel) http://www.summitconsulting.com/self_esteem_workshop.html The intent is simple. Building on my work with individuals around the globe, I want to help you: Identify the