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Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/23/2020

Alan Weiss's Monday Morning Memo

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/23/2020


Three different companies (from brash start-up to conservative old-line) have developed Covid vaccines with efficacy results in the 90 percent range in their testing.

This is amidst election madness, social unrest, natural disasters, chaos in decision making by government authorities at all levels during the pandemic, and personal and corporate bankruptcies. The vaccine protects against a virus we didn’t know existed (or didn’t exist) just nine months ago. Countries outside the US also claim to have effective vaccines.

This is an innovative, resilient country. There is a plan in place since May for vaccine distribution, and a tough general, whose specialty is logistics, is running that show. I get the impression that with FDA emergency approval in the next 30 days, planes will be rolling down runways all over the country distributing the vaccine.

If we can do this in the face of serious illness and deaths, sheltering and lockdowns, isolation and shortages, we can certainly fix our infrastructure, improve our schools, provide quality health care to all, and develop an intelligent immigration policy. We can also stop the wearying moral narcissism—moral porn, really, if that isn’t an oxymoron—that creates this venomous, toxic polarization which results in heat but no light.

In 1775, nearly two and a quarter centuries ago, the opening hostilities began at Lexington and Concord, commencing the American Revolution and leading to our independence. That battle begun with what has been called the “shot heard round the world.”

I think the vaccine inoculation can be the new “shot” heard round the world. The question is, do we have the backbone, leadership, and strength to win this war as we won that one?


In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life.

—Albert Bandura

Resilience can go an awful long way.

—Eddie the Eagle


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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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