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Alan Weiss’s The Uncomfortable Truth®

Learn why too many people focus on the task and not the result, hear about some scary examples, and understand how you can avoid it yourself. In this edition of The Uncomfortable Truth, I share some of my favorite examples of (ridiculous) bureaucracy at its worst. You need to think about your own business as you listen through these examples and ensure

An "agenda" is no longer a harmless work aid. Find out why. Transcript: Hi, welcome to The Uncomfortable Truth. Did you hear those insects? Those insects are people with agendas. This is The Uncomfortable Truth about agendas. People with agendas turn anything into their cause. You like Entenmann's coffee cake? By the way, Entenmann’s coffee cake is

"Wherein Alan discusses that we all believe in something, and we're not random biological mechanisms." Transcript: Welcome to The Uncomfortable Truth. My subject today is believing. Yes, believing. You know, the Greeks thought of gods as occupying the earth with mortals. It was almost a conversational quality, bar talk, some folks just discussing things. There was