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DASM: Saks and Delta

DASM: Saks and Delta

My latest dumb-ass, stupid management candidates:

Saks Fifth Avenue, where the store manager and CEO of the parent have refused to even acknowledge a letter pointing out that on a men’s floor filled with high-priced items and barren of customers, the sales help sat around talking to each other and studiously not making eye contact while I tried to actually buy clothing. Only one salesman offered to help, and another advised him NOT to try finding something in my size in another store (which he did, on the computer, and shipped it to me).

Delta Airlines, where the CEO has ignored my note to him that his operation couldn’t manage to change my Chicago/Boston leg to Chicago/Providence, demanded I buy another first class ticket, then charged me for it twice claiming Amex didn’t do it correctly (they had), and then refused to refund the Chicago/Boston leg that was cancelled! (There are full fare, refundable tickets.) Amex voided the overcharge, but Delta has gone mute.

Yeah, I know the CEOs aren’t going to answer their own mail because they’re so busy running these two notoriously efficient operations, but at least they could get some good people around them to do it for them. Of course, good people are only attracted by good people.

Shopping hint: Simply take clothing off the men’s floor in Saks in New York and see if anyone stops their conversation long enough to intercept you. If they don’t want to talk to you, maybe it’s free.

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