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Good Morning Today

Good Morning Today

New York Times report:

Since NBC removed Ann Curry from the co-host chair on “Today” at the end of June, that show has lost to “Good Morning America” every week with two big exceptions during the highly rated Summer Olympics, which were broadcast by NBC. Last week, “Good Morning America” had half a million viewers more than “Today,” one of its best performances to date.

When will the geniuses at NBC, mired last in prime time after having once been “Must See TV” and now focusing on obese people losing weight and Donald Trump yelling “You’re fired,” realize that moving women around “Today” like deck chairs being tossed on the Titanic will not help anything? It’s Matt Lauer, a rather gloomy, smug, boring presence, who couldn’t even debate Tom Cruise when he was raving about Scientology and effectively shut Lauer up, who’s the problem.

If you want to talk about “glass ceilings” or gender bias, look no farther. His bio on Wikipedia indicates Lauer gained his undergraduate degree at age 39, and dropped out of Ohio University’s School of Communications. Why is he signed to multi-million dollar extended contracts, while women with arguably more talent are shunted aside or choose to leave?

A little talent goes a long way, and no talent, apparently, can go on forever.

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