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Happy Friday

Happy Friday

• Will someone try to remove or change Father’s Day because not everyone is a father or has a father? I’ll still celebrate it while the politically correct crew tries to erase everything that doesn’t apply to everyone 100% of the time.

• People scrambling through ancient yearbooks to find some juvenile misdeed in order to shame someone publicly today are lower than pond scum.

• Anyone capable of reading the news and hearing empirical facts who is opposed to vaccinating children is an inferior, and I don’t care what kind of degree they possess or celebrity niche they occupy.

• If you would like to remove Donald Trump from office, the best (and only) way to do that is by beating him in the election next year.

• Anti-Semitism seems to be turning into a protected class of people. That is frightening.

• If the Raptors and the Blues can win their league championships on the other team’s turf in front of the other team’s fans with the other team’s media, then please don’t tell me you are intimidated in a buyer’s office or you attended a meeting where there was too much resistance.

• Why do golfers require absolute silence to consider a shot, but field goal kickers and baseball batters don’t? It’s far harder to hit a 100 MPH fastball than it is to hit a nine iron.

• I love exotic cars and have owned them for a long time, but watching people drive endlessly around a track bores me to tears.

• The breathless cadence of David Muir on ABC’s World News Tonight, with someone reporting from the street for 10 seconds or sitting opposite him on camera for five, is hilarious.

• The fix must have been in for Dear Evan Hansen to have won the Tony over Come From Away, now that I’ve seen them both.

• I wanted to see Lady Gaga in Vegas and the huge ticket prices weren’t a problem but having to stand for over an hour amidst screaming people was.

• I ran an excavator at Dig This in Las Vegas, and thanks to outstanding instruction, was doing great for an hour with the monster. I’m thinking of buying one and using it on I95 with Rhode Island drivers who don’t seem to understand that the left lane is the high speed lane and pretend not to see you when traffic has to merge. There should be an IQ test required for a driver’s license. Or I should be able to mount missiles on the Rolls.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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