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Million Dollar Club Expanding, Opens to New Members

Million Dollar Club Expanding, Opens to New Members

The success of the Million Dollar Club, which is entering its third year, has prompted the members to recommend that I create a second club. We limit the numbers to 8-9 firms, either solo practitioners or principals of boutique firms, and life partners are always invited, so that the entire group is usually between 14 and 16 people.

The benefits of membership:
• Interaction with absolutely the best and the brightest. Current membership is from Europe, Australia, and the US, and ranges from OD to IT, and from communications to coaching. This is dedicated time away from the rigors of business to focus on both personal and professional goals. There are no “yes, buts” in the MDC. There are only support, ideas, and innovation.
• Unselfish sharing and learning about trends and developments in society, business, technology, personal growth, and economic well being. We’ve all learned that the strengths that brought us to one level often are insufficient (or a hindrance) in getting to the next. Every one of us has changed our business models in the last year.
• Unexcelled relaxation and recreation. We try to choose locations that none of us has visited before, and we select the best of the best. You can see pictures here from a few days ago of the view from Maria’s and my suite on the side of a mountain in St. Lucia, from which we’ve just returned. The current club is considering the Greek Isles, Bali, and similar sites for next year. The group dinners are as rich an experience for great discussion, food, and wine as any you’ll ever encounter. And there is personal “down time” built in, where you can pursue individual interests yourself or with your partner.
• You can create year-round interaction with your group members and the original group members to the extent you determine, including a limited-access board on my private AlansForums.com.

The criteria for club membership (there is no fee to join, but there is to attend the meetings):
• Seven-figure revenues for your firm over the year prior to the meeting.
• You must be either the owner or co-owner of the firm, or a solo practitioner.
• You must be willing to share your intellectual property, ideas, and advice freely, without ego, and without reservation. (I vet members to ensure the “chemistry” will be good.)
• Commitment to attend the annual meetings as a top priority, not “bumped” by business or professional issues.

This will be a new club, meeting independently, with me facilitating. The first meeting would be in 2010 at a mutually convenient time and mutually appealing place. The meeting fee is $15,000, which includes accommodations, breakfast and dinner, ground transfers and local transportation, lodging, and often some surprises. The fee includes a life partner, who is encouraged to attend all of the events. (We often have an “informal” meeting with less business and more recreation at the six-month mark, where I’d plan to invite members of both groups in the future.) The meetings typically begin with dinner on Monday, include working sessions Tuesday to Thursday, afternoons free, and Friday we “play by ear” for those who stay. We obtain favorable rates for those who choose to arrive early and/or stay later.

If you’re interested, please call me. This is available only to a maximum of 9 firms or solo practices. It’s the highest level of peer participation of its kind. I’m proud to be able to offer this expanded opportunity.

Alan Weiss

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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