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New York on Our 45th Anniversary

New York on Our 45th Anniversary

Arrived at The Palace, where they’ve completely renovated the Towers, and are working on the rest of the hotel. You can see our digs below. This is where I’m holding the Million Dollar Consulting® Mentor Hall of Fame meeting next April.

Absolutely true story: My wife, the lovely Maria (TLM), and I sat in single seats four rows apart in first class on the train because the double seats were taken. Across from me were a woman, her two daughters, and her sister. At the announcement for Penn Station in ten minutes, the mother hustles her daughters to the rear of the car, and her sister suddenly catches my eye and says, “What’s her hurry?”

Me: I know, we still have a tunnel to go through.

Her: Like, really! By the way, that’s a beautiful ring.

Me: Thank you.

Her: Is that your wife back there, with that spectacular ring?

Me: Yes, how did you know?

Her: I’m a woman. Where are you from?

Me: East Greenwich.

Her: Really? My friend lives in East Greenwich, we’re from Boston. But she thinks Paula Abdul lives in East Greenwich, because she sees this beautiful blue Bentley all the time.

Me: That’s my car.

Her: No! Do you let your wife drive it?

Me: My wife has one of her own.

Her: What on earth do you do?

Me: I’m an author.

Her: How many books?

Me: I think 55.

Her: No S***T!?

Me: Ah, no.

Her: I’m going to go see your wife.

TLM: How do you know my husband?

Her: I’ve been chatting with him, he’s terrific!

TLM: You were chatting with MY husband?

Her: Yes.

TLM: Alan, is this true?

Me: You know how I love to talk to people I meet on trains.

© Alan Weiss (“the conversationalist”) 2013.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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