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The Self-Esteem Workshop


There have been tens of thousands of books, monographs, columns, and articles written about self-esteem. That number tells us that it’s a vital concern for our psychological health and interpersonal effectiveness.



The Self-Esteem Workshop

What is this?
There have been tens of thousands of books, monographs, columns, and articles written about self-esteem. That number tells us that it’s a vital concern for our psychological health and interpersonal effectiveness.

That number also tells us that there is no royal road or simple answer.

My experience in decades of coaching executives and entrepreneurs is that a fundamental belief in our own value and “goodness” (for lack of a more scientific term) is at the very heart of our ability to help ourselves, and thereby help others. While I once thought that under-capitalization was the cause of most entrepreneurial failures, I soon came to understand that the real quicksand was poor self-esteem.

This workshop is neither a T-Group convocation nor a walk over hot coals. It is not intended to be therapeutic, insofar as deep emotional problems will not be addressed, nor is it an attempt to resolve deep-seated issues with relationships past or present.

It is a candid and honest attempt to deal with a lack of trust in one’s judgment, a lack of belief in one’s value, and a lack of discipline about one’s merit. It is not for “damaged” individuals, but rather for intelligent, talented people who are not allowing their own talents to be fully deployed, and their own contributions to be fully utilized by others.

What will it accomplish?
The intent is simple. Building on my work with individuals around the globe, I want to help you:

  • Identify the uncertainties, perceived vulnerabilities, and situations which cause you to perform at less than your optimal capacity.
  • Understand the causes of those dynamics, and receive timely yet non-threatening feedback about how to resolve them.
  • Master and apply techniques that will help you maintain and manifest a high self-esteem level “in the moment” when it is most needed.
  • Avoid the debris and detritus in your life which tend to damage self-esteem, and focus on the routes of least resistance to self-worth and its manifestation.

In brief, personally and professionally, you will be able to deal with daily routine and exceptional circumstances; with varied and often tough personalities in your life; and to overcome the problems caused by pressure, unfamiliarity, and perceived threat.
You will lead a more productive and healthy life, and will help those around you through your example.

How do we do that in a day?
I’m going to establish a “safe environment” for feedback and sharing. (If you intend to come with partners or a group, I’ll seat you together and you’ll work in that setting. Bear in mind that sometimes strangers are more useful than friends for solicited feedback!) Then we’ll deal with some common and generic sources of poor self-esteem. We’ll gradually move on to more individualized issues.

We’re going to describe situations, events, and personalities that cause us esteem problems. We’ll practice with volunteers in front of the room. We’ll practice in small groups at tables. And we’ll privately build an action plan to use immediately. This will all be based on individual preparation work which will not be shared but which will be very helpful to focus you on actual concerns during our time together.

In addition, there will be two identical sessions held for two, different small groups on the second day, one in the morning and an identical session in the afternoon. In this setting, I will facilitate very intimate discussions about specific issues and topics. This will provide more of an individual but also very intimate exploration. If you are prepared for this experience in a “round table” setting, you can gain even more from the time you invest. But it’s probably not for everyone, and requires that you be willing to share and speak out, not just listen and absorb. I’ll be calling on everyone present in these 20-person groups.

What’s required to maximize the value?
You must be prepared to come with an open mind, be honest, and experiment with your outlook, reactions, and language. You have to care enough about others to provide honest and caring feedback. You should be ready to receive that feedback with an open mind and accepting heart. As in all experiences like this, the more you participate, the more you will gain.

What’s left to consider?
This session has been created expressly because of huge demand about the topic. It is for healthy people seeking to continue to improve their effectiveness.

Do you have the self-esteem to attend the Self-Esteem Workshop?


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