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Thoughtfully Ruthless℠ Certification from Val Wright Consulting, LLC



Thoughtfully Ruthless℠ Certification
from Val Wright Consulting, LLC

by Val Wright


What is the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Certification program?

It’s a training and certification program, facilitated by global leadership and innovation expert Val Wright, to teach consultants the key principles required to be thoughtfully ruthless.

Consultants who complete the program will be able to add new revenue streams for their business by rapidly introducing executive coaching and accelerated leadership team performance into the services they offer clients.

Why this matters:

In today’s world, rapid growth is the norm. But that growth often brings input overload. We are all on a permanent virtual center stage with the whole world watching and reporting every move. Leaders need to know how to be ruthless, but in a thoughtful way. And consultants need to know how to help them get there.

There are endless books and resources focused on time management, team and project management, and leadership. But none of these address the missing link for success: the importance of managing: your time, your energy and resources in parallel—or you will fail.

Why you should be thoughtfully ruthless:

  • You will grow your business faster
  • You will out-pace your peers
  • You will have more time to use as you choose
  • You will become more energized and inspired
  • Your heart will feel full, because your focus is on people and work that you love
  • You will create remarkable support and followership
  • You will no longer just be brilliant, you will become brilliant at demonstrating your brilliance

Who should attend?

  • Consultants with an established practice in areas such as sales, marketing, or finance, who would like to expand their practice into coaching
  • Experienced coaches from the corporate world looking to radically grow their consulting business using proven tools and methodology

What will you learn?

  • How to invent more time, catapult your energy, and create a surge in your own productivity, by focusing on higher value offerings produced with less effort and time.
  • New ways to create rapid business growth in high-performing clients
  • How new options, like retainers and coaching, can grow your business while reducing your time and effort.

“You cannot teach someone else to become Thoughtfully RuthlessSM, unless you are Thoughtfully RuthlessSM yourself.” — Val Wright

What you’ll gain:

  • Coaching to help you master the knowledge, skills and behavior you need to become Thoughtfully RuthlessSM
  • A complete toolkit of models and design interventions you can use to improve the use of time, energy, and resources for both you and your own coaching clients.
  • Participation in an immersive individual group session that will use real-time experience, language, practice, and feedback to model Thoughtfully RuthlessSM buyer and client interactions.
  • Unlimited access to Thoughtfully RuthlessSM creator Val Wright for 90 days after certification.

Not only will you learn how to be Thoughtfully RuthlessSM with your clients, you’ll also learn how to give them the skills, behavior change, and knowledge to free up time, increase energy, and make the most out of available resources. You’ll learn how to create retainer and coaching proposals that generate six figures of incremental income for you.

The program includes:

  • Proprietary assessments and exercises that help you show clients how to create exponential growth by being Thoughtfully RuthlessSM.
  • Customizable electronic versions of all Thoughtfully RuthlessSM models and assessments
  • The Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Consultant’s Results Accelerator Guide to guide you with implementing assessment and models with leaders and teams.
  • Sample workshop designs of leadership retreats.
  • You Don’t Need An Offsite”(YDNAO) exercises that can be used immediately with executives.
  • Access to The Retreat Creation Machine (RCM) for designing a high-impact event for any business challenge or company scenario.
  • The Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Executive Assessment analysis in a colorful easy-to-read customized proprietary Excel spreadsheet.
  • Marketing material to use to promote your Thoughtfully RuthlessSM retainer, coaching, and Galvanizing Your Team offerings.
  • Sample press release promotion template that can be adapted and customized to announce your Thoughtfully RuthlessSM certification.

What you’ll take away:

  • How to extract the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM business impact from any executive.
  • How to develop a Thoughtfully RuthlessSM proposal that builds in retainer access, executive coaching, and team acceleration results.
  • How to achieve exemplar status of being a Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Thought Leader so you can teach others while creating your own unique impactful life.
  • How to take the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM models and design interventions that have immediate impact to profit, repute, time, and executive energy.
  • How to use the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM brand to catapult your own reputation, IP creation, and results.

Special Program Features:

  • Real-time experience, language, practice, and feedback of your buyer and client interactions.
  • A video testimonial from Val endorsing you as a Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Consultant
  • A highly personalized experience during a full immersion day in Pasadena, CA as well as dinner with Val on the prior evening. 

What kind of support will you get:

The program includes ongoing guidance from award-winning consultant Val Wright.

  • Unlimited access to Val via email, phone, text, and Skype for advice on how to carve out, create focus, and land new business opportunities that create exponential growth for leaders and companies.
  • Support with proposal creation, buyer conversations, intervention design, and diagnosis of root cause for high impact results via the shortest possible route, using the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM brand.
  • Help garnering fast insights from Thoughtfully RuthlessSM assessments completed by your clients.

Why aren’t more leaders already Thoughtfully RuthlessSM?

Leaders often focus on just managing their time. They forget to be selfish with how they maintain their energy levels, and how they ruthlessly manage their resources.

They worry too much about how they’re viewed, they try to be too thoughtful or too ruthless, and they fail to define, understand. and live by what makes them uniquely thoughtfully ruthless.

Leaders are not imperturbable. They let distractions, small and large, knock them off course. They don’t know how to get back on track and they don’t where to go for help.

What is the program investment?

There are two ways you can become certified as a Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Consultant:

1. Virtual Immersion

You can become certified in a Thoughtfully RuthlessSM way via a one-day interactive video immersion, save on your travel time and energy and take advantage of the virtual certification.



2: The Retreat Experience

You will join an individual or a group Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Certification Workshop and take part in interactive sessions that will accelerate your learning, allow for experimentation, and provide individualized feedback on implementation.



Special benefits for charter attendees:

  • Your own Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Assessment and pre-work
  • A personalized pre-workshop debrief session on your own Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Assessment and suggested action plan
  • Following certification, inclusion in a press release announcing successful Thoughtfully RuthlessSM Certified consultants.
  • A copy of the recently released Thoughtfully RuthlessSM book
  • Archived copies of the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM video seminar from the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention and the audio recording of the Thoughtfully RuthlessSM seminar from the Million Dollar Consulting® Mentor Summit.

Who is Val Wright?

Val Wright

Val works with Fortune 500 executives accelerating growth and innovation, creating compassionate truth telling, fearlessness, and extensive creative, technical, and leadership improvements. Her clients include household names like Starbucks, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Financial Times, and DreamWorks Animation, as well as other organizations that are making extraordinary gains in innovative techniques. She was recently inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, one of only 64 people in the world so honored.

In addition to writing a regular column for Inc. Magazine on innovation, Val has also been quoted extensively on CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Reuters, and LA Times. Her recently published book, Thoughtfully RuthlessSM: The Key to Exponential Growth, explores the pivotal role innovation plays in catapulting ahead of the competition.

How Do I Find out More?

Contact [email protected] for more information or to schedule a private or group session.

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Virtual Immersion, The Retreat Experience


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