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The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

We saw Into the Breeches by George Brant last night at Trinity Rep in Providence (the play takes place in 1942 Providence). The Premise: During the war, the “Oberon Theater” was forced to use gay men in women’s roles and women in men’s roles in order to have sufficient actors.

Trinity always has sufficient actors, and my wife and I have been watching cast members Janice Duclos, Phyllis Kay, Timothy Crowe, Rachael Warren, Stephen Berenson (who looks outrageously good in a dress), and Anne Scurria for about 25 years.

After watching the wonderfully performed but essentially depressing Uncle Vanya at GAMM down the interstate the night prior, this was a wonderful evening or mirth and messaging. It’s a good thing my wife was on the aisle because she was laughing so hard that she would have been pounding someone besides me, otherwise. There was this scene best left undescribed here where the women went through some, ah, adaptations to develop a more macho attitude.

Director Tyler Dobrowsky crushed this, right on target with a single set, crisp movement, and great choices.

Everyone and their dog loves doing Shakespeare to prove their chops (even though most audiences are bored to tears while they pretend not to be), but when Trinity does this kind of theater, there’s nothing else like it.

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