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This, Too….

This, Too….

“This, too, shall pass” has variously been attributed to the ancient Persians, Corinthians in the Bible, and Abraham Lincoln. Its implication is that if we merely wait, current conditions will change (sort of like San Francisco weather).

There are exceptions, such as the space junk hitting the Yucatan, the biblical Great Flood, Tom Brady, and the pomposity of the TV talk show, “The View.”

However, covid is passing, Ukraine will pass, supply chain issues will dissolve, vacant jobs will be filled, We seem to believe we face devastating chasms when they are really potholes on the way to the future. I’m not saying that these issues are unimportant, I’m merely trying to point out that they will eventually be overcome.

You may choose not to use the vaccine, but the point is, it’s here. You may not want to travel, but you can if you choose to.

Of course the “pass” part has no time designation. The Red Sox slump will end, but not this year. Someday, award shows will become less self-indulgent and better entertainment, but probably not for a while. And someday there will be no fossil-fueled cars on the road, but not in our lifetimes, my friends.

Right now, I have to go workout. This, too, will pass (thank God).

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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