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What Do You Mean, “Or Else?” That’s Exactly What I Mean.

What Do You Mean, “Or Else?” That’s Exactly What I Mean.

The current statistics, according to the Times, are that vaccinations are drastically increasing among health workers facing dismissal if not vaccinated by the deadline. Personally, I can’t imagine having front-line health workers who are permitted not to be vaccinated absent a medical condition prohibiting it, in which case I’d move them off the front line.

But this is an example of consequences. Too many businesses scratch their corporate heads wondering why people don’t change. It’s generally because there is no adverse consequence for not changing. Reward and punishment are parts of the leadership repertoire.

Even then, you need backbone. “Religious exemptions” are nonsense, you can’t find a major religion with a stand against vaccinations, and simply allowing people to claim it out of thin air removes all consequences for non-compliance. Something is either important to change or not. If not, then stop worrying.

A pandemic isn’t something where you stop worrying. You create consequence to protect society.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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  • Alan

    October 1, 2021

    The vaccine doesn’t prevent a person from catching covid, nor does it prevent a person from spreading it. This is a gene modification therapy, which has never before been injected into a human body. It does however prevent a person from getting seriously ill, if or when they do catch covid, thats all it does. I’m a healthy 33 year old, and I’ve had covid last year, which fortunately was very mild and I got over it within 4 days or so. Studies prove that my anti-bodies and natural immunity provide many times greater the protection than that of the vaccine. Studies out of Israel prove that the vaccine efficacy rate of both pfizer and moderna are less than 50%. No one talks about getting in good health. (those who get seriously ill or even die have 2.6 pre-existing conditions including obesity, diabetes, etc.) If a government can force an experimental, operation warp-speed therapy into a human body against their will, If they can take your most personal and sovereign entity and force something into it, what can’t the government do? If you want to be vaccinated and get an annual booster, go for it if you feel you need it. Those who say the unvaccinated are a hazard is a complete falsehood. Between fauci, the previous head of the FDA now sitting on the board of directors for pfizer, the head of the CDC going against experts, the immediate canceling or de-platforming of even the most mild criticism of the status-quo, and lastly the incessant 24/7 public relations campaign to get inoculated simply makes me say NO. There’s more facts and logic I can share, but there’s one’s unvaccinated point of view. Cheers

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