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Alan Weiss’s 2010 Teleconference Series

Alan Weiss’s 2010 Teleconference Series

I’ve just released details of my 2010 teleconferences, and they will be the most powerful of their kind for professional services. There is a major discount available prior to Dec. 31, 2009. Details and registration are here: http://bit.ly/czt25

And here is the high-powered content:

March 12: Million Dollar Ideas
I’ll present insights, ideas, provocation, and outrage on how to develop new products, services, relationships, and value for your business. For example, how about an “app” for your business?!

April 23: Priority Priorities
Time, money, and much more aren’t really resource issues, they are priority issues. But most priority is set by default. I’ll be discussing the value of SUG and MOI!

May 21: REV it up: Reciprocating, Exponential Value
No matter who your constituents, clients, prospects, and stakeholders are, I’ll demonstrate how to create communities so powerful that they grow organically, but always focused on you in the center. Here’s how to acquire business without ever “selling” a thing.

June 25: Extraordinary People
I’ll be presenting singular people, both historically and contemporaneously, the traits that made them effective, and how you can make sure you’re traveling the same road. It’s not the road less traveled, it’s the road best traveled.

July 23: Best Practices of the Million Dollar Club
The newest and best from the best and the brightest, a synopsis of the thinking and actions of the members of the Million Dollar Club which I facilitate annually. It would cost over $250,000 to sit for part of a day with each of these people, and I’m providing our best thinking in the comfort of your home or business for less than $100.

August 27: Self-Worth
By popular request, I’ll be providing techniques to examine, analyze, improve, and nurture our self-worth and how we value ourselves. This session alone may be worth the price of admission! You may want to keep this download on your PDA or iPhone.

September: 24: Spirituality
Finally, I’m bringing my experiences and thinking on this important but sensitive topic to the general public in a teleconference. I’ll be exploring what spirituality really is, and the extent to which it plays a role in our personal and professional lives in modern society. I’m hoping this one does more than just make your day…..

October 22: Living Large
How do you treat yourself well without guilt but also without the constant and stressful pursuit of the “bigger boat”? Living large isn’t ostentatious, and it can be hugely rewarding. What is “living large” for you? I’ll bet you don’t know.

November 12: Alan Unplugged
This will be an unrehearsed interview with a very aggressive interviewer, questions solicited in advance, and a martini constantly refreshed. Come and hear answers to questions perhaps you’ve never heard posed before.

December 17: The 2011 Landscape
I’m concluding the year by opening up the next one with suggestions for dramatic growth based on then-current reality and likely trends. Prepare yourself for the year ahead and come roaring out of the starting blocks.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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