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Alan’s Quest

The mistake at this point is to believe we're somehow going back to "normal." The world has been permanently altered. You might not feel this has been the Industrial or Digital Revolution, but it has been an inflection point of

A rural Japanese area has had a problem with marauding bears and has decided on a quite simple remedy: They have constructed a giant wolf, with a motion detector that activates frightening sounds and flashing eyes, not unlike Godzilla, in

I have a real problem. When we were in Charleston a couple of years ago, I purchased a Civil War chess set. Pieces in uniform, deep blue and light grey, with the respective presidents and first ladies as kings and

When you're feeling a tad depressed about your circumstances and/or prospects, go help someone who's in a worse state than you are. You'll feel better, they'll be better, and you'll be rejuvenated. It's not because there's someone in "worse" shape