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Alan’s Quest

We dine out every evening with rare exception, so I feel qualified to offer some advice to the restaurant industry (oh, yeah, I'm also not a bad consultant): Your hostess is the first and last person with whom I interact.

The Social Security Administration is a wonderful surprise among government bureaucracies. The "hold" times are brief on the phone, the agents are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and the web site is intelligent and informative. Is there any way they can

I received this today in response to the June 12 Monday Morning Memo, which can also find here on the blog: Dear Alan Each day the American people exist, civilization thrives. So, please, go forward! And boldly. Thank you for your insights. Roberto Lopes Photoghrapher

I find that too many "experts" are trying to identify the age we live in. Is it digital, or information, or global, or chaotic? At the time, no one knew they were in the agrarian or industrial ages. Retrospect and history