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Alan’s Quest

Here's the thing about wine: Always have the best bottle of the evening first. Unless you are a true connoisseur, or have a mighty metabolism, the second bottle is always  good and the third bottle is always great. Saving the best of different

I presented this at my annual Thought Leadership Conference in Palm Beach last week. You can read about my next one here: The 17 Traits of Thought Leaders 1. Creation of contemporaneous IP (use of current events). 2. Media savvy/excellent speakers. 3. Social media

I'm on the 6:15 am Acela out of New York heading home. We emerge from the Penn Station tunnel and on the left is one of the great sights anywhere, the New York skyline, East River, and then the Hellespoint

We dine out every evening with rare exception, so I feel qualified to offer some advice to the restaurant industry (oh, yeah, I'm also not a bad consultant): Your hostess is the first and last person with whom I interact.