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Alan’s Quest

A rural Japanese area has had a problem with marauding bears and has decided on a quite simple remedy: They have constructed a giant wolf, with a motion detector that activates frightening sounds and flashing eyes, not unlike Godzilla, in

I have a real problem. When we were in Charleston a couple of years ago, I purchased a Civil War chess set. Pieces in uniform, deep blue and light grey, with the respective presidents and first ladies as kings and

When you're feeling a tad depressed about your circumstances and/or prospects, go help someone who's in a worse state than you are. You'll feel better, they'll be better, and you'll be rejuvenated. It's not because there's someone in "worse" shape

A young man walked up to me outside the post office recently and said, "You're Mr. Weiss, right?" "I am." "You probably don't remember me, but I came to your house a few years ago after a storm to ask if you