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China Journal

China Journal

A complimentary limo picked us up at the Four Seasons and deposited us at Hong Kong Airport, where we were met by a hotel representative who took our bags and escorted us through first class processing at Emirates and then to security. Security and immigration took five minutes (why do we remove our shoes in the US but not in some other places?) and we’re in still another glorious Emirates lounge. (Maria is out somewhere doing duty free.)

The flight to Dubai leaves in two hours, with the same private cabins, and the connection to New York will have showers on it once again. We’ve had a wonderful adventure. Just last night, I hosted the Million Dollar Club at the top floor restaurant of a building in Kowloon where we shared crab, beef, suckling pig, and fish. We took in the Hong Kong skyline on the outside terrace, and then managed to make the walk to the dock to catch the last Star Ferry out of Kowloon for the night.

I already have my meeting planner looking into Marrakesh or Buenos Aires for next year, with the dates locked in with the group.

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