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Game of Thrones As A Symbol of Incompetence

Game of Thrones As A Symbol of Incompetence

I would just like to observe that HBO, the writers, actors, and all creative talent associated with Game of Thrones should be sued for malpractice. There is a perverse pleasure in watching a train wreck, but none at all in looking at a train sitting on a track for a year without moving. Vapid writing, incoherent plots, implausible scenes (even for fantasy), and acting that would make the local amateur company blush. It brings shallowness to a new depth. If Kit Harrington gets work again it will be because….wait, I can’t think of a reason. The soliloquies by Peter Dinklage put my dogs to sleep. However, sleep aids may just be a market for the reruns, the money for which should be donated to the care and feeding of dire wolves, the only decent actors in the cast.

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