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Guest Column: Is Your Network a Golden Ticket? Using Online Radio for ROI

Guest Column: Is Your Network a Golden Ticket? Using Online Radio for ROI

Is Your Network a Golden Ticket?  Using Online Radio for ROI

By Kelli Richards

I’ve had a lot of opportunity to build great connections and a stellar network throughout my career.  Some of the most powerful came from my years at Apple, Inc.  (I don’t need to tell you the caliber of out-of-the-box thinkers and success stories that have been launched from that crowd.)  Other powerful relationships were formed through my experiences in the music industry and working with celebrities as a “talent wrangler”.  And now, of course, as a so-called “SuperConnector” I connect everyone from start-up entrepreneurs to billionaires to celebrities to real-estate moguls… the list goes on.


It’s easy to see how relationships turn into revenue, but how exactly do relationships build our brand?  One of the most intriguing and valuable platforms I chose to explore a few years ago was online radio.   I started with just a handful of colleagues to interview and a free streaming network.  (I chose BlogTalkRadio, but there are dozens of inexpensive choices out there.)  One reason I chose BlogTalk though, was that it already had a huge following – so discovery was likely to be enhanced by being in a place where the party had already started.


I have done many things to make sure my radio show became – and stayed – successful.  First, I aggressively seek top-notch guests with valuable content and cutting-edge information.  After all, there’s a lot of noise on the web.  If you’re going to create something, it has to be stellar.  Next, I made sure to make the most out of each “fireside chat” and showcase the guest and the interview in as many places as I could: my monthly newsletter, my website, my blog, on social spaces – and even to go as far as emailing out the link to those I think would be truly impacted by the conversation.


This type of asset has legs, believe me.  Not only does it build your online brand and showcase you as a leader – it’s also tangible – and ROI driven.  I’ve transcribed the interviews and used the content in eBooks (two of which went to #1 in Amazon – in Music and in Business) and I’ve also pressed 5-minute segments into CDs to hand out at conferences (great conversation fodder) — & ultimately create a subscription service.
Content.  Relationships.  Branding.  Preeminence.  It’s all about ROI.  It’s worth keeping in mind that ROI means RETURN on investment.  And every great result should count there:  renewed relationships, brand elevation, etc. But of course, the revenue also matters.  So every year that the show has been on the air, I’ve had my production team create a “Top 10” interview album that I sell through Audible and use for lead capture.


My point is that in a digital world, your network should do way more than gather dust until you “need” someone.   It should be a living entity of people whom YOU engage with and support constantly.  And if you get it right, with enough tenacity, you just might do what we did with All Access Radio and hit 1 million downloads only three years later.


To your success,


Kelli Richards

President & CEO

The All Access Group, LLC


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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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