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Hey, Rutgers Board, Fire the President (Dumb-Ass Stupid Management)

Hey, Rutgers Board, Fire the President (Dumb-Ass Stupid Management)

Here’s the latest royal screwup from my alma mater, Rutgers, from today’s New York Times:

“Jackson is the third Rutgers official to face public criticism for discriminatory or abusive behavior in recent months. Mike Rice, the former men’s basketball coach, was fired in April for hurling slurs and epithets at his players; Julie Hermann, the new athletic director, has been under fire amid allegations of misconduct at her previous jobs.”

Jackson is the president’s chief of staff, newly promoted by the president, even though the lawsuit was well known at the time. In fact, ALL of the abusive behavior and suspect ethics of these people were known to those doing the hiring and promoting. Vetting someone at Rutgers is merely ensuring they’re not currently in jail.

The Rutgers Board of Trustees is starting to resemble Hewlett-Packard’s: continuing dumb choices, self-absorbed cluelessness, lack of attention to the customers, rubber-stamp approval of rubber-brained leadership. Where does the buck stop, at Princeton?

Get the president out of there. Show that you’re willing to clean house and not protect the insufferably incompetent. (Where are the faculty demands now, by the way, or do they only protest when they’re asked to teach more than two classes a week?)

Either throw him out or get out yourselves, and turn this sham back into an academic institution. You don’t need the Big Ten. You need One Functioning Brain, which apparently is harder to acquire then a new football conference.

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