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LA Times Agrees With Me

LA Times Agrees With Me

A columnist for the LA Times (Mary McNamara) is the latest in a slew who agree with me about Ellen Degeneres on Idol. If a major media star of her magnitude (awards, host of awards shows, popular talk show, popular TV shows, etc.) can’t handle the pressure and demands of a rather simple, idiosyncratic, and subjective judging assignment on a show whose audience is ready to love you, then what’s going on?

A good lesson for all of us is that “only the gifted few can wing it.” A master in one area doesn’t metamorphose into a master of another without preparation, skills, and some affinity for the work. (Every time Randy Jackson says “pitch” I think Ellen’s going to throw a baseball.)

We all require a market need, competency, and passion to succeed. A large paycheck is seldom enough.

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