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No Man Is An Island, Or Is He?

No Man Is An Island, Or Is He?

I’m announcing a rare and unique charity fund raiser. Not long ago, I raised $50,000 for the Newport International Film Festival, which I chair, by offering a day of coaching at my home. Nine people have since come or scheduled appointments.

However, my wife is the special events chair for Festival Ballet Providence, and she is none too happy with me, since the ballet is in dire straits financially (artistically, it’s brilliant). Who knew that no good deed goes unpunished?

So, in order to ensure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense, I’m announcing No Man Is An Island, Or Is He?

Specifically, I am offering two nights and three days at my personal Eden-on-Earth, the Wauwinet Inn on Nantucket. We’ve been staying there for 15 years, and many of you have heard my stories and seen the photos. (I’ve included some here.)

All you have to do is arrive (by plane, pedestrian ferry, or car ferry). Once there, ALL expenses are taken care of: room, local transportation, food, wine (except for souveniers!). We will start on the first night with dinner at Topper’s, the award-winning restaurant (with an award-winning wine list) where we might also share an 1870 Madeira at the bar while we watch the sun set. The next day we’ll meet after our breakfast together to talk about life, business, balance, politics—whatever makes sense, though I’ll have some topics to stimulate discussion.

Then, we’ll take jeeps with permits on the special reserve and drive out over the sand along the Atlantic to the point and lighthouse, a 40-minute trip. We may take box lunches, or have lunch on the Gatsby-like lawn before we depart. That evening we’ll dine in an exquisite restaurant in town, perhaps The Pearl or The Galley.

The next day, a gourmet breakfast again, rare talk, and another great lunch. You can depart at your convenience in the afternoon.

The donation is $7500. You can pay me by check or credit card (that ensures the tax deductibility of a business development expense) and I will remit the funds raised to the ballet. The deadline for registration and payment or deposit is June 1. NOTE: I’m only accepting 7 people at the most (two jeeps!). I can arrange for two installment payments if you prefer.

Logistics: Arrive September 21, depart September 23 in the afternoon or evening. You can fly to Nantucket from Boston, Providence, and New York; you can take a fast, pedestrian ferry or a car ferry from Hyannis. Weather permitting, you can swim at that time of year, though it’s not mandatory! Dress is casual during the day, business casual for restaurants (upscale casual).

I will review options for travel and other issues individually with each registrant. First come, first served. You register with me by phone, fax, or email, NOT on my web site:

800/766-7935 (401/884-2778
Fax: 401/884-5069
Email: [email protected]

This is a rare opportunity to talk philosophy, spirituality, business, politics, careers, and anything else on your mind with a small group of kindred spirits. I can promise that the conversation, food, wine, and surroundings will be exceptional and inspirational. I’m announcing this first on my blog and Alan’s Forums before informing my wider communities.

Have at it, and help me reach year 41 in my marriage!

PS: In the event of unforeseen problems at Nantucket, we will either switch to another island, such as Martha’s Vineyard, or I’ll refund the money. I don’t anticipate such an eventuality–I’ve never cancelled a trip–but I want you to be assured.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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