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Prison (Dumb Ass Stupid Management)

Prison (Dumb Ass Stupid Management)

The Liberty Hotel in Boston is a fascinating property. It’s a former prison, so their “do not disturb” signs say “solitary,” and the bars and restaurants are called “The Clink” and “Alibi” and “The Yard” and so forth. Very clever.

The prison closed in 1990, and apparently that was also the end of good service.

Despite constant conversations with the general manager and senior people, they couldn’t persuade the chambermaids to conduct their normal turndown service. The orange juice was yellow-tinted water. How do you make lox bland? They know how. Two phones wouldn’t work despite having been “repaired.” The operator doesn’t answer the phone some of the time. The front desk clerks stare at the computers as if watching a Rod Serling episode of The Twilight Zone. A cocktail waitress deliberately looks away when I attempt to order a drink.

The valets and bellmen at the front door are great. I should have slept in my car. If you really need to sleep in prison and be treated well, get arrested, but don’t go to The  Liberty. Prisons pay prisoners for work, not the other way around.


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