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November 2020

Of calves, dogs, sheep, and men. Let's talk about the path and people we follow. Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!  Do we follow leaders blindly? Are we simply following a path that has been in place without knowing the

Let me understand this: Protestors can gather in the streets elbow to elbow, many without masks, but we're discouraging people from attending church who must wear masks to get in and are socially-distanced in the seating provided? Come on, man!

As I see it, the main sources of power in business and society: Hierarchy/bureaucracy: What you can control. Leverage: Who you know. Money: What you can buy. Expertise/talent: What you can do. Bullying: Who you can intimidate. Charisma: Whom you can attract. Reward/punishment: Who you can help