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The Best of Life

I'm in a surgical suite this morning for my routine, five-year colonoscopy. HIPAA rules are paramount in these places: patient privacy at all costs. Yet, you can clearly hear the conversation with the receptionist and each patient checking in, and

We had a pipe burst in our rental home (fortunately, new tenants not due until December) and the plumbers, restoration people, and insurance company all responded within 45 minutes—on a Saturday. Cleanup and restoration began immediately and the adjustor made

From my ad lib collection: Irate woman arguing with me over a book that hadn’t yet arrived: “You know, you remind me of my ex-husband.” Me: “Why am I not surprised you have an ex-husband?”   Man introduced to me by someone mentioning all of the

This is our first morning in Nantucket this year that isn't bathed in sunshine. There's substantial fog, here on the beach, which I think is caused by cooler air being swept in over warmer water. It has its own allure.