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I would pay anything to see on stage, together, Nathan Lane, John Slattery, John Goodman, Jefferson Mays, Holland Taylor, Robert Morse, Dann Florek and a gaggle of other fine actors. So I was happy to pay "normal" price for two,

The GAMM theater in Pawtucket, a jewel of a regional acting group, tries and usually succeeds at daring productions. The theater's size (perhaps 150 seats) creates an intimacy. Our front row-center subscription often creates the illusion that we're in the

I recently traveled about 40,000 air miles, to Sydney and back and then to Rome and back. So I watched four movies of fairly recent vintage. My reactions: Hail Caesar: This was the best of the four, a funny satire of old Hollywood

Well, I’ve joined a throng of people who were visibly self-satisfied at scoring tickets to Hamilton, bragging about their ability to pay and their perseverance. When the crowd enters the theater and sees the “official” pricing on the wall (the