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The Critic

We were at a well-respected theater last night and saw a play that was so bad—derivative, insipid, predictable—with horrible writing, mindless directing and, quite rare for this place, amateur acting. (One guy recited lines as if he couldn't wait to

We had seen August Wilson's Fences on Broadway, and I decided to watch the movie on the ten-hour return flight from Greece. This was, by a distance too large to assign a coherent number, by far the best movie of the

After wasting hours on La La Land and Moonlight, we finally watched a terrific movie last night, Hidden Figures. I had been told that this was really the top film, and of the ones I've seen, it's no contest. (Synopsis:

We just got around to seeing Moonlight, the Oscar winning film, and I found it tedious and self-indulgent. It's as if someone found unfinished notes and published them as a book, not bothering to make connections, meaning, or dramatic tension.