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Citibank Is A Disaster: Dumb-Ass Stupid Management

Citibank Is A Disaster: Dumb-Ass Stupid Management

I’ve recorded here that simply making one charge for some shirts I purchased in Monaco resulted in the charge being denied in the store and a warning sent to me from those wonderfully unfriendly people at CITIBANK. This is a CITIBANK American Airlines Visa business card! It has a zero balance, I’m a long-time customer, and they denied a charge in Europe. So, I’ve purchased thousands in personal goods for the two of us using Amex, which I normally use for business.

However, Amex believes we are trustworthy, not criminals, and use their heads about past history and retention of good clients. They believe we know how to use an airplane, and that we just might own passports.

CITIBANK has been trying to reach me through their “social media unit” but when I tried the US number they left (they don’t allow customers to call people directly, you must go through the switchboard), rude woman #3 informed me, quote: “I’ve never heard of them.” That was her remark, not, “One moment, while I connect you.” She placed me on hold and after two minutes I hung up. I assume that she was busy insulting other customers.

They keep using Twitter telling me they want to “resolve” the issue, but can’t apparently figure out how to call me with a six-hour time difference, which, of course, would have foiled Einstein.

Hey, CITIBANK senior management (I wouldn’t use the term “leadership”): Your operation is awful, your people are rude, you don’t trust your customers, and this is a direct result of your ineptness.

If you’re going abroad, or maybe even five miles from home, DO NOT USE CITIBANK. They protect themselves at the expense of customer service and effectiveness. And they apparently hire their phone people directly from a list of charm school dropouts.

Imagine yourself entertaining in a restaurant, you magnanimously pick up the bill, and the captain returns to tell you. “I’m so sorry, but CITIBANK says you’re not to be trusted. Do you have another credit card which you might have stolen, or should I call the police?”

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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