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The Triumph of Democracy

The Triumph of Democracy

Let me make a contrarian point here: I think the decision to let the energy of the mob wane, bring in the police in force later and clear the place, and then the continuation of the vote certification, were outstanding acts. They could have marched in the National Guard early and I’m sure there would have been bloodshed. The Congress wasn’t scared into cancelling the session. People vented and went home. Some will be arrested. Picture what would have happened in a totalitarian country. I’m not as disturbed by this as a lot of people, and I thought the media response was breathless, overwrought, and on the verge of heads exploding.

The stock market, to my utter shock, went up 400 points. People (of sane mind) condemned what was happening but went about their day. There was a great, unspoken confidence that this would be resolved.

God bless America.

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