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January 2013

As we're undergoing renovations and we're emptying out abandoned storage areas, we've found treasure troves of stuff. I thought you might enjoy these: This is 1976, Williamsburg, VA, at a company meeting where the entire consulting firm had to perform in

In case anyone out there doesn't think that spammers are stupid and mass emails aren't complete wastes of time, here is a verbatim communication received a few minutes ago. Aside from the ridiculous punctuation errors, Buddy Beagle (that's two names,

From today's New York Times: QUOTATION OF THE DAY "Thirty years ago if you were looking to get on the escalator to upward mobility you went to business or law school. Today the law school escalator is broken." WILLIAM D. HENDERSON, a professor

The overwhelming (unsolicited) feedback on my lip-sync comments was in agreement, but I had some people who were outraged that I settled for "less than excellence," and some comments that Beyoncé shouldn't accept the "gig" if she couldn't deliver live. My