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Contrarian Consulting

Tuesday, July 17 I’m always up by 7. This morning, on my jaunt for coffee and newspapers, I was accompanied as usual by the sounds of hundreds of purple martins (lavendarius deanus). They live in four-story-high houses erected on the property,

Monday, July 16 I’m up early watching the fog burn off. Two pelicans circle, unusual visitors here. The dolphins are active already. The birds no doubt figure that if there are dolphins congregating, there are fish. Whale and dolphin-watching boats soon arrive

Saturday, July 14 Like great white herons migrating to ancestral homes in Patagonia, Maria and I are making our annual pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore (other states have beaches, Jersey has a shore). The Bentley easily breaks our prior record through

I have a huge robot that cleans our 75,000-square-foot outdoor pool. It is so sophisticated that it memorizes its path, works for six hours at a time, climbs the walls to scrub up to deck level, and can shoot down