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Yesterday, I received this piece of spam: Dear Consulting Society, You should be alerted to this breaking news concerning Rick Warren:   Sincerely,   James Sundquist Director I wrote back: This is spam. Today, I received this missive from Mr. Sundquist: Well you can be certain I won't write you again.

I'm crazy about Apple, but they're starting to make others crazy. When many of us downloaded Maverick, iPhoto no longer worked and demanded an update. Why didn't it update automatically, the customer asks? It's not all that easy to find the update,

Well, I own't be returning here because I'm obviously coming into a lot of money. This looks official, right? Dr.Benneth Opara Director Foreign Operations, Central Bank Of Nigeria. Abuja-Nigeria. Re: Confirmation Of the Approval On your compensation Payment Of Your Approved Fund of $10.5M USD Million