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I heard a guy who received an important, major award say, "I've been nominated for this for 14 years and wanted it very badly. When I stopped wanting it so much because I realized it wasn't really necessary to validate

The "recency effect" simply describes the fact that most people will best remember what they've heard last. If you're asked to remember a group of addresses or phone numbers, the latter ones will be easiest to recall. Hence, make sure your

This question usually generates monetary estimates (guesses). I asked one group of successful consultants what they would do with $600,000 they didn't expect. Their responses ranged from purchases to philanthropy, from paying off debt to trust funds. One person vehemently

Revivals and "returns" are almost always inferior to the original event or art. I think they're usually launched because of a dearth of originality and an inability to develop something original. Jon Stewart, who was one funny and thought-provoking guy—and who

There is a default mindset that promotes "best practices," both external to the organization and within it. After all, why not try to find the best and then replicate it? That's the wrong search, because "best" becomes ossified and remains the