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Dumb-ass, stupid management: I would advise all of you, in a competitive market, not to use Shell gasoline or credit services. I've been a Shell customer since 1986—it says so right on my credit card. My credit limit has never been

At the request of faithful readers, my awards for Dumb-Ass Stupid Management for 2012, in anticipation of the Oscars. Herein the Dummies: • For Cowardice of Embarrassing Proportions Senior management of credit card issuing banks, who approve of routinely denying customers' charges,

Here's an email I received today, with my response. I've withheld the writer's name to avoid public mockery: Alan- I've enjoyed reading your book (Million Dollar Consulting), which is very well written. I nevertheless began highlighting typos on page 133 of your

In case anyone out there doesn't think that spammers are stupid and mass emails aren't complete wastes of time, here is a verbatim communication received a few minutes ago. Aside from the ridiculous punctuation errors, Buddy Beagle (that's two names,