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How is it that TSA can get you through Global Entry from a foreign land with a retinal scan and fingerprints (as so many countries around the world allow), yet can't use that technology to get you through domestic security

The ferry system taking cars from the mainland (Hyannis) to Nantucket is hopelessly overcrowded. People begin making reservations for the summer in January, when first allowed. The computer system frequently breaks down, the phone lines are impossible waits. Nothing has

UPS, it seems, now won't make a second delivery if a signature is required and no one is home. They leave the package at an "access point" such as the local CVS. At CVS there is a hand-written note reserving

I called four hotels yesterday to investigate holding a meeting in Miami which would also require guest rooms. The phone waits were long or sometimes there was no answer, just a ringing phone. Wouldn't the sales department be the last