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Personal Improvement

I have news for you: You don't have a "personal life" and a "business life." You simply have "a life." Your professional/business activities support you and your family and your obligations, and provide enrichment and opportunity. Your non-professional/business activities enable you

I'm so tired of people telling me that their prospect rejected their proposal because of "sticker shock." All that means is that you didn't provide enough demonstrable, dramatic value—and consequent ROI—to impress your prospects. Hence, they solely looked at cost

I'm a big believer in options—my famous "choice of yeses" in proposals—but only a very limited number. I prefer three. Researchers call a surfeit of options "choice overload" (https://insidebe.com/articles/choice-overload/#:~:text=Our%20ability%20to%20make%20a,satisfaction%20with%20the%20final%20decision.&text=Choice%20overload%20is%20a%20result,avoiding%20making%20a%20decision%20altogether.) and it simply means that too many choices tend to paralyze the