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Alan’s Quest

Ironically enough, on a day in which the New York Times runs an article highlighting the popularity of vanity publishing—self-publishing a book—which on average generates sales of 150 books in total, per author, it also dutifully records the death of

I conducted the first Self-Esteem Workshop earlier this week in Rhode Island. The other session is taking place in Dublin, Ireland, on February 3-4: http://www.summitconsulting.com/self_esteem_workshop_dublin.html The population was entrepreneurial: consultants, speakers, facilitators, coaches, and a singer/songwriter. Here are some learning points

• The Chinese women deserved to win the gymnastics gold, the Americans simply choked. • Those Chinese gymnasts have not yet seen 16, I don't care what their passports say. • Michael Phelps is impressive because of what he can do under