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The Uncomfortable Truth

Let's talk about agendas—why they're simply selfish "to-do" lists and can never satisfy those who don't wish to be satisfied.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!People with agendas—do we try to go back and change history? Would we be

Let's talk about ironies: the Spartans had help and you'd better not eat like a bird.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!The early bird gets the worm but the early worm gets eaten. Why do we follow parables and

Of calves, dogs, sheep, and men. Let's talk about the path and people we follow.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!Do we follow leaders blindly? Are we simply following a path that has been in place without knowing the

Do you really hate "them"? We'll find out on Wednesday after the election.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!In the coming election, one side will win. Will the winning side be conciliatory and unifying or will they try to

The principal and the principle, and poor public schools.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!We should not confuse political opinions and historical facts. Our education system should ensure there is no hidden bias in the educators teaching our future

Not only is it not rocket science to run a small business, but it's also not even a sandbox.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!If your small business isn't responsive, no amount of advertising will improve your sales. Investing

Wherein symbols replace substance and we're all the worse for it.Listen to this episode on iTunes or Soundcloud!Are rules, protocols, and even laws in place just for the sake of symbolizing order and safety?